How To Identify Female Seedlings

When you grow out a batch of seeds it becomes a process of elimination, as the females show their sign you can begin to separate them from the males.  Ounce your seedlings are 10 inches tall and have 3-4 sets of branches they will begin to show female sign and male sign.  You will focus on finding the female sign and then the more subtle male signs will show themselves. 


Females will show small calyxes which will sooner or later sprout a white hair.  Once you identify a calyx it is designated a female.  Eventually when half your plants or more show female sign the other plants will most likely be male.  Put these off to the side until your sure, letting the known females get the prime light.  Compare your plants to the ones in our photos.  I leave my seedlings in 1-2 gallon pots until I am sure of their sex, that way the males don’t take up too much space.  

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