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Cannabis found effective in treating BP issues.

We are sure you have all heard by now about the massive recall being done on big pharma medications that treat blood pressure issues....the news is everywhere! Not only are the meds ineffective for some, but research has shown that these medications pose a significant cancer risk! No thank you!

Instead of poisoning your body even more, why not try a cannabis product? CBD tincture taken daily can help regulate blood pressure. We have no evidence of these results because there are no testing results available for this, or clinical research being conducted yet on this topic. We have current patients who use this product to control their blood pressure with phenomenal results. Still skeptical? Think about it this way....if you had a 15% chance of regulating your health with the use of a product like this and could cut your toxin load by doing so, wouldn't you at least try? YES! Email or text us for more information on how we can help support your health today!

There are 240,000-400,000 medical error deaths each year in the USA. OF THESE DEATHS, CANNABIS IS RESPONSIBLE FOR 0....Clearly a shift needs to occur.

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