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Great people all around.  True pioneers of their craft!


Well informed, great people!  They know what they're doing for sure.


Friendly, personable, and professional.  A+!

"Quality products with education on how to get the best results. Steph and Jenny are amazingly informed on the science behind these powerful medicines. I wish healthcare covered their services. This medicine is saving lives and has helped me through multiple courses of chemo, reduced my pain, helped with anxiety, and allowed me to actually eat food while having to take meds to kill almost everything in my body.

Maine's Honest Herb Company is saving lives, lifting spirits, and helping to cut the cost of pharmaceuticals for locals and I'm so thankful that Jenny and Steph were able to help me recover! This medicine should be mainstream to allow everyone the benefits and I really think MHH will be at the forefront of that movement with their level of attention to detail, and patient education. 500,000 stars from a momma who is forever grateful!"


"Great Company! Knowledgeable and friendly! I've been a medical grower for many years and have tried many different online seed companies, but none have compared to Honest Herb Co. I wanted to find a local company with Strains designed for both indoor and outdoor in the Northeast. I had great results with the Mobshine and Lemon MOB, 100% germination rate, heavy yields of stinky, sticky, crystal coated buds that taste amazing! :)) ...can't wait to see the new strains they come out with in the future. I would highly recommend them and will be going back to them in the future."


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